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Agriculture provides 53 percent of all employment in Africa, serving as the economic backbone for many countries. But unreliable electricity—or none at all—limits farmers’ ability to extract the full value of their crops and other commodities. The lack of energy also directly threatens people’s health: Two-thirds of Africa’s clinics lack reliable power, limiting hours of operation, diagnostic and treatment options, and access to digital information. Agriculture and health have some common needs—including cold chains for milk, fresh vegetables, and vaccines—and can play similar roles in the community including the ability to anchor mini-grid development.

Join us on October 19, 2022, for a discussion with experts in productive energy use for these crucial sectors. The panel will explore financing options, successful case studies, and opportunities to expand productive energy use for both agriculture and health.


  • Lyly Njinga, Senior Climate and Energy Specialist, Abt Global


  • Tombo Banda, Associate Principal, CrossBoundary
  • Henok Assefa, Managing Partner, Precise
  • Sheka Forna, Country Representative, Sierra Leone, RESOLVE

Watch the Video: