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Guaranteed income is no-strings-attached cash assistance that’s becoming increasingly popular across the U.S. as an approach to increase racial equity and improve outcomes for families and children. But what does a guaranteed income program look like in practice? How can cities implement their guaranteed income programs? How is the guaranteed income impacting participants? How are we studying the impact of guaranteed income pilots?

During this webinar, distinguished guests shared early insights and lessons learned from Baltimore’s guaranteed income pilot: The Baltimore Young Families Success Fund (BYFSF). This pilot provides 200 young parents, between 18 and 24 years old, with an unconditional cash payment of $1,000 per month over 2 years.


  • The Honorable Brandon Scott, Mayor of Baltimore
  • Robin McKinney, CEO and co-founder, CASH Campaign of Maryland
  • Participants from the Baltimore Young Families Success Fund  
  • Hannah Thomas, Ph.D., Senior Associate, Abt Global, Evaluator


AshLee Smith, Ph.D., Senior Analyst, Abt Global

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