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2022 International Conference on Family Planning

Monday, November 14, 2022 – Thursday, November 17, 2022
Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH), Chonburi Thailand

Abt Global is a proud sponsor of the 2022 International Conference on Family Planning. The three-day hybrid event features researchers, advocates, governments, and communities focusing on a movement toward achieving access to family planning (FP) for all.

The 2022 conference theme underscores the key role family planning plays in achieving universal health coverage and an opportunity to highlight our work strengthening systems, services, and coordination between the private sector, governments, and civil society to advance innovative and affordable contraceptive products and services.

We work across the globe to help prevent unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and maternal deaths by increasing demand for and access to affordable, quality FP services. Abt leads a wide range of FP projects—from SHOPS Plus which through a public/private engagement approach has delivered couples over 2.5 million couple-years protection—to the DRC, where support to the public sector has resulted in 1.2 million new FP users in a year and a half.

Join ICFP Live or in person to learn about our expertise in family planning and maternal and child health.

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Oral Presentations

Tuesday, November 15 | 4:15PM
Stewarding a Total Market Approach to Strengthen Family Planning Markets in Tanzania
Part of sessionFinancing family planning methods | PEACH Pattaya 1
Presenter: Maureen Ogada-Ndekana replaced by Sean Callahan, Senior Program Manager

Wednesday, November 16 | 10:15AM
Expanding Implants Access Through Private Sector Facilities: Experience From Tanzania
Part of sessionExpanding Method Choice: A Case Study of the Unfinished Agenda for Contraceptive Implants | PEACH Pattaya 17
Presenter: Maureen Ogada-Ndekana replaced by Sean Callahan, Senior Program Manager

Wednesday, November 16 | 10:15AM
Increasing Private Provider Knowledge To Improve Patient Counseling On FP And MCH
Part of sessionHow can facility and community providers improve their knowledge and capacity to counsel FP?  | PEACH Pattaya 15
Presenter: Soumitra Ghosh, Chief of Party, Afghanistan

Wednesday, November 16 | 10:15AM
Using a Chatbot to Dispel Myths about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Planning
Part of sessionDebunking Persistent Myths about FP | PEACH Pattaya 1
Presenter: Komal Khanna, USAID/India (former SHOPS Plus COP with Abt Global)

Wednesday, November 15 | 2:40PM
Expanding Access to GBV Services Through Family Planning Private Sector Providers: Experience From Tanzania
Part of session: Developing new measures in FP | PEACH Pattaya 4
Oral Presentation: Maureen Ogada-Ndekana replaced by Mary Beth Hastings, Senior Gender Advisor, FP2030 

Thursday, November 17 | 10:15AM
Promoting Family Planning Maternal and Child Health Through Beauty Parlors in Afghanistan
Part of session: Women Care for Each Other | Royal Cliff Grand Hotel Jomtien 1
Presenter: Soumitra Ghosh, Chief of Party, Afghanistan

Thursday, November 17 | 10:15AM
Family Planning Tele-counselling - Improving Access and Quality of Services
Part of session: Programmatic approaches to improve quality of care | PEACH Pattaya 19
Presenter: Alia Kauser, MEL Senior Manager

Oral Flash Presentations

Tuesday, November 15 | 11:50AM
The Effects of COVID-19 Restrictions on Supply and Demand for Family Planning and Strategies to Mitigate Impacts and Increase Resilience
Presenter: Ram Ganesan, Chief of Party, Bangladesh & Senior Private Health Sector Advisor

Tuesday, November 15 | 4:15PM
Promoting Data Driven Decision Making to Accelerate Improvements in Contraceptive Commodity Logistics Management and Quality Family Planning Services
Presenter: Isabel Nhatave, Senior Health Systems Strengthening Specialist, Mozambique IFPI Project

Wednesday, November 16 | 10:15AM
Encouraged by the Success of a SHOPS Plus Intervention: the Afghan Ministry Of Haj and Religious Affairs Endorses Family Planning Messaging by Imams Through Daily and Friday Prayers
Part of session: Male involvement in family planning decisions | Grand Hotel Orchid Ballroom A
Presenter: Susan Mitchell, SHOPS Plus Project Director on behalf of Soumitra Ghosh, Chief of Party, Afghanistan

Poster Presentations

Tuesday, November 15 | 12:30PM
What works to improve contraceptive access choice and sustainability? Understanding private sector contributions to mCPR growth throughout the S-Curve
Presenter: Ram Ganesan, Chief of Party, Bangladesh & Senior Private Health Sector Advisor

Wednesday, November 16 | 12:30PM
Community-based Distribution of Contraceptives: An Effective Approach for a More Resilient Health System: Example of the COVID-19 Context in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Presenter: Dr. Jacquie Bapura, FP/RH Lead, DRC Integrated Health Program

Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH), Chonburi Thailand