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Evaluation Technical Assistance

evaluation technical assistance quote jan 2023

Proving the effectiveness of programs and services in real-world settings is hard. Our tools and technical assistance have helped hundreds of evaluators design and conduct rigorous field-based evaluations to achieve that goal. We anticipate challenges and develop solutions, so that evaluations produce meaningful evidence about program effectiveness and meet stringent evidence standards.
beth boulay
Beth Boulay
Principal Associate, Social & Economic Policy

Providing proactive, customized support for successful evaluations

Practitioners, policy makers, and funders want to understand whether the programs and services they provide improve people’s lives. They turn to evaluators to help them make critical decisions about what to provide and to whom, what works best, and which approaches to abandon. At Abt, we have been a trusted source for evaluation services for more than half a century, and we work hard to build capacity and support others as they try to become rigorous evaluators. Our customized approach to Evaluation Technical Assistance starts with articulating the evidence building goals and providing proactive support to evaluators as they design and conduct the research.