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Evaluating JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s AdvancingCities Challenge and PRO Neighborhoods Competition


  • JPMorgan Chase is funding innovative solutions to address economic inequality.
  • Abt is JPMorgan Chase’s national evaluation partner for two grant competitions.
  • These multi-year evaluations will conclude in 2024.
The Challenge

Through the AdvancingCities Challenge and PRO Neighborhoods Competitions, JPMorgan Chase leverages a spectrum of solutions. Whether focused on neighborhood-level interventions or city-wide systems change, these initiatives encourage applicants to embody the key factors that are essential to working collaboratively for lasting change. These include:

  1. Shared priorities: A shared understanding of goals to ensure alignment across partners and a vision for the future that is shaped by deep community engagement.
  2. Strong leadership and collaboration: A coordinated approach involving a diverse set of actors with unique authority and resources to drive sustainable change.
  3. Bold and innovative approaches: Evidence-based, data-driven approaches that move beyond “business as usual” to change the trajectory of communities that are currently being left behind.
The Approach

Abt is serving as JPMorgan Chase’s national evaluation partner for the AdvancingCities Challenge and PRO Neighborhoods competitions. In this role, we will evaluate the outcomes and impact of investments made through these two grant competitions. As part of this engagement, Abt will:

  • Work closely with local evaluators.
  • Compile and analyze data across grantees.
  • Produce annual and thematic reports.
  • Disseminate what we learn from the evaluation through conferences and events.