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The Work of John Mayne: Using Evaluative Information Sensibly to Bridge the Gaps Between Evaluation and Monitoring

Sebastian Lemire, Abt Global; Steffen Bohni Nielsen, National Research Centre for the Working Environment; Steve Montague, School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University


April 27, 2023

Who was John Mayne, and how did he impact the evaluation world? Sebastian Lemire co-authored three articles on Mayne’s work in a special edition of The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation. These pieces highlight Mayne’s contributions to the field and encourage readers to reflect on how they can apply John’s work to their own evaluation practice. The articles cover Mayne’s career as both a practical thinker and practitioner, his written work, and the eight themes that comprise the essence of his work. 

The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation - Volume 37 Issue 3

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