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Vice President, Global Business Development

Jeffrey (Jeff) Leone is a senior growth leader with more than 20 years of experience leading growth teams and managing complex business development functions such as capture, bids and proposals, market intelligence and competitive assessment, pipeline development, and sales analytics.  Leone’s experience cuts across a range of U.S. domestic and international development markets at Abt and at large, global companies. 

As Vice President, Global Business Development, he leads the Chief Growth Office’s Sales Enablement team, which includes market intelligence and competitive assessment, pipeline and sales analytics, business development training and learning, and program management across the office, including government-wide acquisition contracts.  Previously, Leone led the development of Abt’s global business development team, which included building out capture and proposal management functions. 

Prior to joining Abt, Jeff led business development and capture for large new business pursuits at IBM Business Consulting, AECOM, and Deloitte.   


  • Business Development
  • International Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Marketing
Jeff Leone