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Principal Associate

Meghan Lynch, Sc.D., is an accomplished manager of cross-disciplinary teams, with 20 years of experience specializing in toxicology and human health risk assessment. She is skilled at interpreting, evaluating, and communicating toxicological and epidemiological information for hazardous substances. She has managed a variety of projects for ATSDR, OSHA, EPA, and nonprofit agencies. These include leading tasks requiring the synthesis of toxicological information and risk assessments, and performing both probabilistic and benchmark dose modeling. The results of these projects have been subject to peer review. Lynch has also provided memorandums and analyses supporting risk assessments and addressing industry comments, which have been used to support plaintiffs in litigation for chemical contaminants.

Currently, Lynch is the project director and technical lead for multiple engagements with ATSDR initiatives to support the preparation of toxicological profiles and the development of a PFAS PBPK model to estimate blood PFAS levels in all ages based on contaminated drinking water consumption. She serves as the program manager on a mission support contract for EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics, within the Office of Policy, while also supporting the EPA Office of Water’s analytical updates to the Lead and Copper Rule.

Before coming to Abt, Lynch managed the Worcester Business Development Corporation’s Gateway Park brownfield redevelopment project, including supervising the work of consultants and contractors such as environmental professionals, engineers, and construction managers. She represented the project proponents at public meetings, ensured compliance with environmental regulations, and provided toxicity information and interpretation of risk assessments to local officials and community members.


  • Toxicology
  • Hazardous substance evaluation
  • Dose modeling

Key Projects:

  • ATSDR ToxProfiles
  • EPA Lead and Copper Rule Analytics
  • Tar Creek Tribal Risk Assessment
  • FDA Total Diet Study


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meghan lynch