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Chief of Party, PMI Kinga Malaria Project, Kenya

Rodaly Muthoni is a medical entomologist with over 15 years of experience in vector control and public health. She has provided leadership as chief of party (COP) in President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI)/USAID-funded indoor residual spraying (IRS) projects in Rwanda, Mozambique, and currently in Kenya. She provided short-term technical expertise in preparing and implementing IRS for the Zika Africa IRS (AIRS) project (ZAP) in the Dominican Republic (DR) in 2017. A former high school biology and math teacher, Muthoni has experience in strategic planning and execution, quality assurance, training, health policy implementation, and systems development and strengthening.

As the PMI Kinga Malaria COP, Muthoni manages a team of 34 staff and development and production of all deliverables, including annual country work plans, entomology reports, and spray performance reports. Key responsibilities include developing a capacity-building plan to transfer IRS and entomological knowledge and skills to country counterparts and developing connections to ensure an increased role of the counterparts in planning, implementation, and monitoring.

Muthoni served as COP for teams under PMI AIRS Rwanda and VectorLink Mozambique. She also worked as the entomology technical manager of the PMI AIRS Rwanda project. In AIRS Rwanda, Muthoni led the project team in designing and piloting a cost cutting innovation christened “Walk to work strategy.” As COP in VectorLink Mozambique, she steered the construction of an insectary. Muthoni also has management and implementation experience  in water, sanitation, and hygiene and in environmental health programs. She has worked as a vector control officer and environmental health manager in refugee camps in Kenya.


  • Vector Control
  • Mentorship and capacity building
  • Systems development
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • International development

Key Projects:

  • Refugee Assistance Programme, CARE International, Kenya


  • Joseph M. Wagman1, Kenyssony Varela, Rose Zulliger, Abuchahama Saifodine, Rodaly Muthoni, Stephen Magesa, Carlos Chaccour, Christelle Gogue, et al. ”Reduced exposure to malaria vectors following indoor residual spraying of pirimiphos-methyl in a high-burden district of rural Mozambique with high ownership of long-lasting insecticidal nets: entomological surveillance results from a cluster-randomized trial.” Malaria Journal (2021)

Countries Served In:

  • Dominican Republic, Kenya, Mozambique, and Rwanda
Rodaly Muthoni