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Manoj P.

Board Member

Manoj P. Singh is the former chief operating officer and global managing director at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ltd. 
Prior to his mandatory retirement in June 2015, Singh’s responsibilities included leading various Deloitte initiatives, including setting global strategy, directing investments globally, leading areas such as finance, global technology, knowledge management, branding, and guiding country leadership in high-growth markets such as China, India, Africa, Southeast Asia, Mexico and Germany.
Over his 36-year career with Deloitte, Singh held numerous positions, including leading the company’s Asia-Pacific region and consulting in the Americas.  Deloitte’s global revenue is in excess of $35 billion and composed of 200,000 plus professionals.  He has lived and worked in Asia and Africa and advised leading global organizations on navigating complex business challenges.  Singh has spoken widely on the impact of “Big Data” and technology on business, government and individuals and the emergence of high growth markets around the world.  
He served on the Deloitte U.S. board of directors and the boards of Deloitte member firms in China, Mexico and Southeast Asia.

Manoj Singh