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Supporting the Health Resources and Services Administration

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We are at a pivotal point in American healthcare—now is the time to make high quality care accessible for everyone, especially people in low-income and disenfranchised communities. We work with partners and clients every day to ensure that administrators and policymakers have sound data for decision-marking; practitioners have optimal, evidence-based training to provide care to patients; and healthcare systems are able to scale and thrive.
Ann Loeffler and Jane Fox
Principal Associates, Health & Environment

Healthy People and Healthy Communities

Good health is a foundation for positive life outcomes, and access to comprehensive preventive and primary care, maternal and child health services, and evidence-based HIV/AIDS care coordination matters to all people wherever they live – from rural areas to metropolitan cities. We collaborate with and support clients as they work to improve the quality of life for all people, particularly through health centers and preventive care systems that serve low-income patients.

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