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Serving Medicaid and CHIP Programs and Populations

Serving Medicaid quote 2020

Abt’s global mission spans the social determinants of health, and we use that multidisciplinary expertise to help states and CMS support Medicaid transformation to meet the often complex medical and social services needs of more than 75 million beneficiaries.
ZeAmma Brathwaite
ZeAmma Brathwaite
Vice President, U.S. Domestic Healthcare Services

Transforming Medicaid

From pregnant mothers and young children to frail older adults and people with disabilities of all ages, Medicaid provides vital services to those who need them most. Care coordination, preventive services, substance use and mental health treatment, long-term services and supports, and more are provided to millions at every stage of life. To promote the cost efficiency, quality, and equity of covered services, Medicaid programs and stakeholders need both rigorous data and an understanding of the social determinants of health that inform—and are sometimes hidden by—these data. Abt Global provides the analytical know-how and subject matter expertise to identify and understand those complexities, and to devise the solutions to help transform Medicaid for those who rely on it and the taxpayers who support it.