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Opioid Misuse and Prevention

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From supporting opioid prescribing guideline implementation to developing a comprehensive substance use prevention text message campaign for youth, from local governments to national programs, we’re leveraging 40 years of experience to deliver new insights and solutions that support communities and families in the fight against opioid misuse and related harms.

Abt’s Approach: Prevention, Treatment, Recovery

Abt has taken bold action to help federal, state and local agencies and other stakeholders prevent opioid misuse. We’ve pioneered research strategies to estimate the worldwide supply of illegal drugs. We’ve led research on drug-trafficking organizations. We’ve worked with states and coalitions to develop successful prevention strategies. We’ve evaluated the effectiveness of substance use disorder treatment programs. Abt also developed and tested tools to improve opioid prescribing. And we bring insight and communications approaches to reach inaccessible, at-risk substance-using populations.