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Technical Assistance for Education Innovation and Research Evaluations


  • Education Innovation and Research grantees fund evaluation of their projects.
  • Abt provides technical assistance for the evaluations.
  • Results are anticipated in 2022.
The Challenge

Education Innovation and Research (EIR) is a competitive grant program, and grantees must fund an independent evaluation of their projects’ effectiveness. Abt provides technical assistance on the conduct of these evaluations to maximize the strength of their causal conclusions and the quality of their implementation data.

The Approach

Abt reviews the funded applications to assess the grantees’ needs, provide initial feedback on the evaluation plans, and develop the project technical assistance plan. Abt develops or adopts criteria for EIR evaluation expectations, develops an overall project technical assistance plan, and customizes technical assistance plans and initial evaluator feedback. 

The Results

Results are anticipated in 2022.