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Supporting Accessibility of Health Data with CDC


  • CDC aims to make its collected health data more accessible to the public
  • CDC’s communications initiatives aim to make health data more understandable
  • Abt partners with CDC to develop effective health communications information and campaigns
The Challenge

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and amid other virus outbreaks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) learned many lessons and acquired deep expertise in how to communicate with the American public. CDC aims to take these lessons learned to improve its communication tactics, information, and resources.

The Approach

Abt supports the CDC National Center for Health Statistics’ (NCHS) health communications initiatives, which aim to increase clear, plain, and accessible communications for public consumption. In partnership with McKing Consulting, Abt supports the NCHS website modernization initiative to make data more accessible and user friendly. The data NCHS collects includes:

  • birth and death certificates,
  • health care facilities and providers,
  • medical records, personal interviews,
  • mail and telephone surveys, and
  • standardized physical examinations and laboratory tests.

This process, which complies with federal privacy laws, provides a broad perspective to help government agencies and the public understand the population’s health from birth to death, including overall health status, lifestyle, exposure to unhealthy influences, the onset and diagnosis of illness and disability, and the use and financing of health care and rehabilitation services.

Abt also provides staff and services to assist NCHS in developing promotional materials and marketing campaigns, and we conduct communication services in support of internal and external inquiries and publication inventory and distribution; expertise in digital content delivery; and evaluation of dissemination efforts.

The Results

Product examples to come.

Learn More:

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