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Study of Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants


  • The U.S. Department of Education wanted to gather key insights about the implementation of the Title IV, Part A Program.
  • Abt will report on state and district program implementation and examine variation across states and districts.
  • Results are expected in 2024.
The Challenge

As the U.S. Department of Education seeks to provide better and more equitable education to all students, assessing the implementation and effectiveness of funded programs is a necessary component of its efforts.  That’s why the agency is conducting a national study on the implementation of its Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants, a flexible block grant program under Title IV, Part A. The program, which was first funded in 2017, encompasses three broad program priorities that are intended to improve students’ academic achievement by increasing states’ and districts’ capacity to:

  1. Provide all students with a well-rounded education,
  2. Ensure that the school environment is conducive to learning, and
  3. Enhance and personalize learning through technology.

Abt Global was contracted to provide insights about program implementation to help other education professionals and policymakers.

The Approach

Abt is administering online surveys to the census of State Coordinators and a nationally representative sample of District Coordinators. Our study will examine four primary questions:

  1. To what extent do districts perceive Title IV, Part A funds are sufficiently flexible to meet their needs?
  2. What factors determine districts’ spending decisions?
  3. What primary services and activities are districts implementing with Title IV, Part A funds?
  4. What guidance and technical assistance did states provide to districts to assist in local implementation of the program?
The Results

Findings from the study will provide important information to policymakers about the implementation of Title IV, Part A across states and districts.

The study schedule is as follows:

  • Summer 2022 Administer surveys with State and District Title IV, Part A Coordinators
  • Summer 2023 Follow-up survey with State Title IV, Part A Coordinators about Bipartisan Safer Communities Act - Stronger Connections Grant Program
  • Summer 2024 Final Report available