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SAMHSA Evidence-Based Resource Guide Series

Prevention, treatment, and recovery for substance use disorders (SUD), serious mental illnesses (SMI), and serious emotional disturbances (SED) vary based on geographic, socio-economic, cultural, gender, race, ethnicity, and age-related factors. The differences complicate evaluating the effectiveness of services, treatments, and supports. Despite these variations, substantial evidence exists that inform resources to help prevent and reduce substance use, treat SUD, lessen symptoms of mental illness, and improve quality of life.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), through a contract with Abt, developed a series of evidence-based guides and advisories for treatment of SUD, SMI, and SED. Each guide includes an environmental scan, a systematic review and rating of evidence-based programs and practices, implementation considerations, practical suggestions, case studies, and evaluation strategies. The guides incorporate input from technical expert panel members, including scientists, researchers, service providers, community administrators, federal and state policy makers, and people with lived experience.

Each evidence-based resource guide contains a comprehensive set of modules with information to improve health outcomes for people at risk for developing, living with, or recovering from SMI, SUD, and/or SED. Advisories provide behavioral health providers and others with information on important issues.

The guides and advisories are designed for practitioners, administrators, community leaders, and others considering an intervention for their organization or community. Each product provides readers with tools, programs, and practices that have an established evidence base and that can be implemented in a diverse range of communities and settings. It also shares implementation guidance and evaluation resources.  All products are freely available at Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center (EBRC).



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