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Job Corps Evidence Building (JCEB) Portfolio


  • Effectively meeting the employment and education needs of opportunity youth
  • Develop a framework to assess Job Corps innovations
  • A research and evaluation framework to assess innovations and improve evaluations
The Challenge

The goal of the project is to strengthen capacity for evidence-building in the federally funded Job Corps program, which serves youth disconnected from education and employment. The project also is to generate new evidence about the effectiveness of innovations in the Job Corps’ approach.

The Approach

Partnering with MDRC, Abt will develop a research and evaluation framework for the Job Corps program; conduct an implementation study of pilot innovations at three sites; conduct an impact evaluation feasibility assessment; and potentially conduct one or more impact evaluations.

The Results

Abt will create a framework for research and evaluation options for the Job Corps program, which will include: identifying innovative practices to test and designs for doing so; (ii) developing a continuous improvement process for testing innovations; and (iii) recommending steps toward a data infrastructure to facilitate routine, efficient, and cost-effective evaluation.