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Green Jobs and Health Care Impact Evaluation

The Challenge

The Green Jobs and Health Care Impact Evaluation (GJ-HC) is a rigorous evaluation of four career pathways programs funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. The programs – enacted in response to the 2008 recession – targeted unemployed workers and those facing barriers to work. The programs provided occupational training in the fields of healthcare or green industries, along with a range of supports, including tuition, job search, and academic assistance.

The Approach

The evaluation includes:

  • An impact study that uses a random assignment research design to examine effect of the programs on participants’ credential attainment and employment, earnings, and other related outcomes;

  • An implementation study that examines the operation of the programs and participation patterns of program enrollees; and

  • Implications of the results for policymakers and program administrators.

The Results

The impact evaluation found that all four grantee programs had positive impacts on the receipt of occupational credentials as well as the receipt of training and other supports within an 18-month follow-up period on. The study found that one program resulted in an increase in earnings for program participants. This program featured a structured sequence of training courses with instructors who had previous industry experience providing supports and job search assistance to participants.

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