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EvidenceNOW Dissemination and Planning


  • AHRQ wants to disseminate the findings from its first EvidenceNOW initiative.
  • Abt is collaborating with AHRQ and partners to identify materials to promote the findings.
  • Abt and our partners are developing materials to support the uptake of EvidenceNOW findings.
The Challenge

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) 2015 EvidenceNOW: Advancing Heart Health initiative funded regional cooperatives that help small primary care practices integrate evidence-based approaches for cardiovascular care. The initiative ended while AHRQ was expanding the EvidenceNOW model to other health topics. AHRQ needs help to compile and disseminate the rich findings and tools from Advancing Heart Health to communicate the potential for the EvidenceNOW model more broadly, and to use the findings to inform planning for AHRQ’s future primary care quality improvement (QI) work.

The Approach

Working collaboratively with AHRQ, Abt and our partners at Crosby Marketing review existing findings and results to identify materials for development and revision; use design and plain language principles to develop written material; and use best practices in website design, architecture, navigation, and engagement for redesign/reorganization recommendations. We actively engage key stakeholders and subject matter experts to review and provide feedback on material development.

The Results

To date, the team has: