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Evaluation of SkilledKC


  • Meet industry needs of Kansas City
  • Align training programs with the needs of KC
  • Develop innovative training programs and an evaluation system
The Challenge

Widening skills gaps in high-demand occupations indicate the need to develop training programs that better fit industry needs and the circumstances of individuals who could fill those needs.

The Approach

SkilledKC provides an opportunity to demonstrate how innovative, non-degree training programs can solve those problems and produce better employment opportunities for individuals and a highly productive workforce for employers. Furthermore, SkilledKC will stay relevant over time as it continuously updates the programming it offers to meet the needs of the evolving local economy.

The Results

Abt will support the development and implementation of SkilledKC through expert consultation and formative evaluation. Looking to the future, Abt will develop evaluation plans to help Skilled KC measure the impact it is having for participants and employers within the Kansas City metro region. Abt also will help SkilledKC prioritize data-informed decisions so its program can continually improve in its efforts to produce graduates with marketable, industry-relevant skills in key sectors.