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Evaluation of Delaware's A Better Chance (ABC) Program

For Delaware's A Better Chance (ABC) welfare reform initiative, Abt Global designed an evaluation that involved process, impact, and cost-effectiveness studies.  These studies addressed how the State implemented ABC and how clients' experiences differed from those of clients in a traditional AFDC program environment, the effects of the program on families and children, and whether ABC's benefits outweighed its costs.  Analyses for the process study were based on in-depth interviews, direct observation, focus groups, and quantitative data on program participation.  Impact estimates were based on data from a wide variety of automated information systems and a follow-up survey.  The cost-benefit study drew on aggregate cost data, as well as statistics generated in the impact and process studies.  The measurement of costs neutrality examined the costs to the federal government with respect to benefit and administrative costs of the programs involved in the demonstration.