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A Research Agenda to Support the Optimal Use of Telehealth

Elyse Yarmosky, Katharine Witgert, and Ann Loeffler

White Paper

April 16, 2021

Between March 2019 and March 2020, there’s been a 154-percent increase in the use of telehealth in hospitals, primary care practices, and long-term care facilities. Some providers and organizations have shifted to telehealth as a primary mode of service delivery while others are using telehealth to supplement in-person visits. Public and private payers have made updates or exceptions to reimbursement regulations to support the deployment of video visits, telephone consultations, and email communication as clinicians seek safe ways to provide routine and acute care to patients. Given all these changes could remain even after restrictions on face-to-face care end, this paper addresses how we can implement telehealth most eff­ectively as part of the new steady state.