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Migrating from Adobe ColdFusion: How Abt Can Help

Lori Hunter, Solutions Architect Principal; Kristin Heck, Solutions Architect Principal; David Pulaski, Solutions Architect Director Abt Global

White Paper

August 22, 2023

For over 25 years, federal agencies have used Adobe ColdFusion to develop secure, scalable web applications—but newer technologies have emerged that offer more robust features, faster performance, and greater security. Today, ColdFusion is cited as the application most threatened by emerging trends and changes in content delivery. Agencies need a well-planned roadmap to confront this shifting landscape and realize the full benefits of their technology investments.

This paper details the specific reasons organizations will need a digital plan to transition out of ColdFusion and different paths they can take, all of which depend on the agency’s broader technology investments, goals, and roadmap. We outline several options.

Regardless of their migration path, agencies will need a solutions partner that understands how well-designed, high-quality content delivers experience and value for citizens and partners, the government’s customers and information users. With nearly 60 years of experience, Abt is a trusted partner in crafting user-facing websites and digital experiences that communicate clearly, resonate deeply, and engage effectively. We've collaborated with federal, state, and local government entities to modernize their digital landscapes, ensuring optimal user experiences and tangible impact. Our seasoned technology team includes experts in agile management, graphic design, user experience testing, web and mobile programming, system architecture, database administration, data science, visualization, GIS, DevSecOps and automation. 

Our team has developed more than 150 websites and software applications with federal, state, and local clients. We are experts at partnering with organizations to create user-facing websites and digital experiences that feature clear, relevant, and targeted communications. We can work with you to develop a transition plan from ColdFusion that builds upon initial investments and helps to future-proof your cloud environment, while avoiding vendor lock-in, high licensing costs, and staffing shortages.