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Understanding Rapid Re-housing: What Did We Learn?

Jill Khadduri, Lauren Dunton, and Scott Brown


August 25, 2021

An overview of the Understanding Rapid Re-housing Study, this brief summarizes findings related to several key questions about rapid re-housing (RRH) over a large number of communities. Among those findings, Abt determined that the RRH should be able to lead to a speedier exit from homelessness. Additional questions answered by the study include:

  1. Who do RRH programs serve?
  2. What are the predominant RRH program models?
  3. What influences local choices of program models?
  4. How does participation in RRH fit into a longer trajectory of the experience of families and individuals with housing instability?
  5. What outcomes can be expected from RRH? Stabilization in the household’s own housing? Longer-term housing stability?

The brief also identifies future questions, such as what do we still not know about RRH and what further research is needed.