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Training TANF Recipients for Careers in Healthcare: The Experience of the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Program

Alyssa Rulf Fountain, Alan Werner, Maureen Sarna, Elizabeth Giardino, Gretchen Locke


October 19, 2015
This report focuses on TANF recipients’ engagement and experiences in the HPOG Program, with the goal of helping understand how HPOG programs serve TANF recipients and developing hypotheses for further study.

Specifically, this report uses preliminary data to describe observed differences — and possible reasons for the differences — in the participation, outcomes, and experiences of two types of HPOG participants:
  • Those receiving TANF benefits when they begin an HPOG program, and
  • Those not receiving TANF when they begin an HPOG program
The report then addresses why TANF recipient participation levels vary across HPOG programs and identifies strategies programs used to engage the TANF population and work cooperatively with local TANF agencies.
North America