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Private Provider Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Long-Acting and Permanent Contraceptive Methods in Bangladesh

SHOPS Project


February 1, 2013

Knowledge To help overcome barriers specific to private providers delivering long-acting and permanent methods of family planning in Bangladesh, in 2012 the SHOPS project conducted research on private provider knowledge, attitudes, and practices. Key findings include:

  • Knowledge of key information regarding LA/PMs is lacking among private providers, particularly related to male and female sterilization and implants.
  • A substantial proportion of general practitioners who were never trained in LA/PMs felt competent to provide these services. Many of those with no training are providing these services.
  • Biases toward LA/PMs among private providers may represent barriers to effective client-centered family planning counseling.
  • The LA/PM methods that providers most frequently refused to provide or recommend are implants and male sterilization. Reasons for refusal varied by method, ranging from client ineligibility, poor supply, and lack of training.
Middle East & North Africa