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Participants in Training Program Gain Skills, Higher Wages and Healthcare Jobs


September 17, 2018

The Urban Institute and Abt Global have published the Health Profession Opportunity Grants 2.0: Year Two Annual Report which describes results from the first two years of the second round of HPOG grants. Through the end of Year 2, more than 14,700 people participated in HPOG 2.0 programs for an average of eight months; 32 grantees in 21 states, including five tribal organizations, provided these services. The goal of the program, which the Department of Health and Human Services funds, is to solve two critical problems: low wages for adults and a dearth of skilled healthcare workers. Abt found that the program is making progress on both fronts:

  • 88% of those who started training had completed it or were still in training.
  • 93% of those who began basic skills classes completed or were still enrolled. Most completers (71%) advanced into healthcare training.
  • About half of participants who completed healthcare training went on to earn a professional license or certification. 
  • Half of training completers started a job or were promoted in the healthcare industry after completion.
  • HPOG 2.0 participants typically are low-income women in their 20s and 30s, two-thirds of whom had dependent children.
  • The average wage of those who started jobs or were promoted after enrolling in HPOG 2.0 was higher than the average wage of those who held jobs at the time of enrollment.