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Final Report: Successful School-Based Partnerships: What Does It Take?

Abt Global, Philadelphia Youth Network


October 19, 2016

Abt Global and the Philadelphia Youth Network evaluated two models for coordinating school-based partnerships implemented in Philadelphia in the 2014-15 school year. The purpose of the evaluation was to document the roles and responsibilities of partnership coordinators, as well as successes and challenges encountered during implementation of the coordination models. 

The final report “Successful School-Based Partnerships: What Does It Take?” describes the essential functions of partnership coordination, the skills coordinators use to manage and maintain school-partner relationships, and what resources and supports coordinators need to be effective. It also includes eight case studies that illuminate how the coordination functions were performed in collaboration with other stakeholders involved in the partnerships.

Also available is the toolkit: “Partnering for Student Success: A Practical Guide to Building Effective School-Based Partnerships,” which is designed to support district staff, school leaders, partnership coordinators, teachers and school staff, and partnering organizations in their efforts to strengthen partnerships.

The guide includes:

  • An overview of the elements of successful school-based partnerships;
  • Roles and responsibilities for these various stakeholder groups;
  • Sample discussion questions to guide conversations between stakeholders; and
  • Tools and templates that can be adapted to help develop and maintain effective school-based partnerships locally.