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Designing and Delivering Career Pathways at Community Colleges: A Practice Guide for Educators

Cotner, H., Bragg, D., Cheng, I., Costelloe, S., Freeman, B., Goold, G., Heiser, E., Lemire, S., Miller, D.G., Porowski, A., Van Noy, M., & Yadav, E.


March 23, 2021

This Practice Guide—developed by the What Works Clearinghouse,™  in conjunction with an expert panel—focuses on promising career pathways interventions where there is evidence of improved educational or labor market outcomes. The guide provides community colleges with five specific recommendations for supporting occupational skills training through career pathways. This guide may also interest employers, labor unions, and industry associations that wish to collaborate with community colleges to design or operate workforce development strategies that are responsive to the preparation and training needs of the modern workforce.