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Clean Power Asia Final Report 2016-2021

Abt Global


June 7, 2021

The final report on USAID’s Abt-led Clean Power Asia project finds the project has exceeded its goal of driving a transition to a low-carbon power sector tenfold, generating more than 10,000 MW of clean energy capacity throughout Southeast Asia. The report explains these results were achieved through:

  • The mobilization of more than $7 billion in investment for renewable energy,
  • The prevention of more than 93 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in GHG emissions from being released into the atmosphere over the next 15 years, and
  • The proposal, adoption, and implementation of 16 new policies and regulations in the region.

With Southeast Asia’s energy demand expected to double by 2040, Abt, USAID, and their partners in the region’s public and private sectors teamed to promote low-emission power systems to reduce reliance on carbon-intensive sources such as coal-fired power plants which, in terms of GHG emissions, have far-reaching negative impacts on ecosystems, human health, fisheries, and livelihoods. The report explains how Abt and our partners used data, addressed governance, and convened stakeholders to improve the well-being of people by supporting self-reliance in the production of clean energy.