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Short persistence of bendiocarb sprayed on pervious walls and its implication for the indoor residual spray program in Ethiopia

Yemane Yeebiyo, Dereje Dengela, Alemayehu Getachew Tesfaye, Gedeon Yohannes Anshebo, Lena Kolyada, Robert Wirtz, Sheleme Chibsa, Christen Fornadel, Kristen George, Allison Belemvire, Hiwot Solomon Taffese and Bradford Lucas


May 11, 2016
With the emergence and spread of vector resistance to pyrethroids and DDT in Africa, several countries have recently switched or are considering switching to carbamates and/or organophosphates for indoor residual spraying (IRS). However, data collected on the residual life of bendiocarb used for IRS in some areas indicate shorter than expected bio-efficacy. This study evaluated the effect of pH and wall type on the residual life of the carbamates bendiocarb and propoxur as measured by the standard World Health Organization (WHO) cone bioassay test.