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A Prospective Study of Mortality and Trauma-Related Risk Factors Among a Nationally Representative Sample of Vietnam Veterans

William E. Schlenger, Nida H. Corry, Christianna S. Williams, Richard A. Kulka, Norah Mulvaney-Day, Samar DeBakey, Catherine M. Murphy and Charles R. Marmar


December 11, 2015
Because Vietnam veterans comprise the majority of all living veterans and most are now older adults, the urgency and potential value of studying the long-term health effects of service in the Vietnam War, including effects on mortality, is increasing. The present study is the first prospective mortality assessment of a representative sample of Vietnam veterans. The researchers used one of the longest follow-up periods to date (spanning older adulthood) and conducted one of the most comprehensive assessments of potential risk factors.

The study was conducted by Abt Global in partnership with the Cohen Veterans Center at NYU Langone Medical Center.
North America