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Efficacy of an in-home test kit in reducing dust mite allergen levels: Results of a randomized controlled pilot study

Amber K. Winn MPH, Päivi M. Salo PhD, Cynthia Klein PhD, Michelle L. Sever PhD, Shawn F. Harris BS, David Johndrow MBA, Patrick W. Crockett PhD (posthumous), Richard D. Cohn PhD & Darryl C. Zeldin MD


November 10, 2015
Dust mite allergens can induce allergic sensitization and exacerbate asthma symptoms. Although dust mite reduction and control strategies exist, few asthmatics employ them.The researchers examined whether an in-home test kit, which quantifies dust mite allergen levels, resulted in behavioral changes in implementation and maintenance of mite reduction strategies and helped reduce allergen levels in homes of dust mite-sensitive children.

The study concludes that the use of in-home test kits along with education may beneficially influence behaviors and attitudes toward dust mite reduction strategies and help reduce residential dust mite allergen levels.