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Abt Disaster Management Technology Solutions on AWS GovCloud

Abt Disaster Management Technology Solutions on AWS GovCloudAbt Global holds Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency status. This designation recognizes that Abt Global provides deep expertise to help customers leverage the power of AWS to protect the public, and prepare, respond, and recover from natural or man-made emergencies and disasters.

amazon web servicesFor our clients choosing Amazon Web Services for disaster management cloud data services, Abt offers a wide array of services and products including secure hosting and data recovery, edge computing, rugged mobile data capture in low bandwidth and intermittent power locations, IOT coordination, large scale multimode data capture, advanced data analytics, and data decision dashboards.  Our certified AWS staff can produce data systems and products hosted in our own, partner, or Federal agency cloud accounts.

Abt is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Public Sector Consulting Partner and has been using AWS to support our internal infrastructure as well as to deliver results for our client-facing programs. We currently have over 60 AWS projects where we host everything from dynamic web applications and data collection tools, to providing data science computing power. Abt has 15 AWS Accredited and Certified staff to help support our AWS work. This status gives Abt preferred support from Amazon AWS staff, including direct access and ongoing working relationships with AWS engineers that can weigh in on both architecture and troubleshooting. This support is a valuable, no-cost benefit for any AWS projects on which we work.

analytic computing environment on AWS
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Abt Global’s Analytic Computing Environment (ACE) Secure, Full-Featured Analytic Computing on AWS GovCloud
Abt Global built its Analytic Computing Environment (ACE) to meet all of its clients’ data science and analytics challenges. ACE rests on the twin foundations of full-featured analytic capacity and data security and compliance. ACE includes tools for large scale multimode data capture on mobile, desktop, API, and call center CAPI, advanced geospatial analysis on the ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise Platform, analytics using SAS, STATA, R/Python, NVIVO, virtual desktops for remote secure data capture and analysis, and data dissemination using Tableau, Qlik, and visualization libraries. ACE complies with HIPAA, FERPA, and FISMA Moderate standards. AWS addresses the FedRAMP security control requirements that are aligned to the NIST 800-53, Rev. 4 Security control baseline for Moderate impact levels. ACE uses only AWS components that are fully FedRAMP authorized, and we strictly adhere to FISMA Moderate compliance controls for all applications.  


The National Flood Risk Characterization Tool (NFRCT) provides national, state, local and global planners a robust tool for estimating the location, depth, and impact of flooding from precipitation and sea rise. The tool is built on the secure Abt AWS Analytics Environment allowing smooth interaction with complex models and data visualizations. (PDF)

Coastal Inundation Impact Analytics
Coastal cities struggle to understand the complex relationship of sea level rise, mitigation investments like sea walls, and natural resources. Using the Abt AWS Analytic Computing Environment, Abt ingested 21 varied coastal data sources and modeled complex interdependent relationships between infrastructure, coast and marine life, and changing climate for eight eastern U.S. states. (PDF)

Homeless Data Exchange (HDX) Actionable Insights on Homelessness
More than 500 thousand people are homeless in the United States.  However, thanks to caring communities with better information and coordination, homeless numbers have been going down for more than a decade.  HUD’s Homeless Data Exchange (HDX) is part of this success providing community organizations a scalable and affordable AWS cloud system for monitoring homeless populations and understanding their path through support services. (PDF)

Deep Water Horizon
The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster contaminated habitats across the northern Gulf of Mexico, including deep water corals, shallow bays, estuaries, coastal marshes and beaches. The spill affected wildlife ranging from birds to dolphins to sea turtles.  Abt Global led a six-year damage assessment and ecosystem restoration planning process to address injuries to these natural resources.  Using the Abt AWS Analytic Computing Environment, Abt collected field data, calculated impact analysis using scientific, statistical, and hydrological modeling, and produced economic reports for restoration and forensic evidence. (PDF)



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