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Economic Well-Being

Economic Well-Being quote 2021

The 2018 FMLA Surveys inform the increasingly important policy discussions about economic hardship faced by employees when they take leave from work for family and medical reasons.
Radha Roy
Radha Roy
Senior Associate

Strengthening Work Incentives and Supports

Work supports such as family and medical leave are critical for enabling parents and other caregivers to balance job and family responsibilities. Disability benefits, cash assistance, social insurance and other government programs can improve the well-being of people who face challenges to earning enough to support themselves and their families. Our research and technical assistance focus on strengthening work supports, removing disability and other program disincentives to work, and identifying effective employment strategies for participants. That’s why, for example, we’re helping the U.S. Department of Labor learn which interventions can most effectively keep workers with disabilities at their jobs or help them return to the workforce.