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Promoting Early Literacy Skills


  • The findings of the National Early Literacy Panel needed to be amplified.
  • Abt worked to translate the research findings into recommendations.
  • We developed four documents tailored for specific early childhood groups. 
The Challenge

Abt Global was subcontracted by RMC Research to help the National Institute for Literacy promote the findings and recommendations of the National Early Literacy Panel. The Panel synthesized research on the teaching of literacy and literacy-related skills to young children (preschoolers and kindergartners). 

The Approach

Two key questions guided the Panel:

  • What skills can children develop in preschool or kindergarten that are related to their later achievement in reading and writing?
  • Which types of preschool/kindergarten/in-home experiences support young children in developing these skills?

Abt worked to translate the research findings into recommendations linking the research to educational practices that can support language and literacy development in young children. To help prepare responsive information for intended audiences, we also conducted focus groups with higher education faculty who train early childhood teachers.

The Results

We developed four user-friendly documents tailored for specific early childhood groups. The documents summarize the study findings, offering practitioners, practitioner trainers and parents a more scientific understanding of how children develop foundational literacy skills. They also outline specific recommendations and strategies for caregivers to support children’s development of these skills:

  • Early Beginnings — A guide for early childhood administrators and professional development providers.
  • Learning to Talk and Listen — An oral language resource for early childhood caregivers.
  • Make Time to Talk — A “tips” page for early childhood education teachers.
  • Building Early Language and Literacy – Authentically — A student teacher planning and self-evaluation tool.

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