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Improving Access to Basic Services in Senegal


  • Senegal’s government wants to improve delivery of education, health, and water and sanitation (WASH) services
  • G2G Ops strengthens local capacity to manage resources and use data for decision-making in those areas.
  • The project builds on previous success with GoTAP, an Abt-led project that supported G2G implementation in health districts across Senegal.
The Challenge

Senegal’s government services in education, health, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) face continued challenges that slow the country’s progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Lack of access to data-driven systems prevents government decision-makers from accurately tracking health and development outcomes and hampers delivery of basic services throughout the country.

The Approach

To increase the efficiency of its development interventions, USAID implements direct financing through Government-to-Government (G2G) agreements. G2G coordination streamlines government operations, enabling transparency and giving citizens easier access to services and programs.

In Senegal, Abt leads the five-year G2G Ops project with local partners the Association Council for Action, African Resources Group, and Conseil des Organisations Non Gouvernementales d’Appui au Developpement. G2G Ops supports USAID’s commitment to localization, working through host country systems to accelerate development gains and implementing G2G programs with national and regional governments to build host country capacity and increase local engagement and ownership.

Abt supports USAID, the Ministry of Health and Social Action, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Water and Sanitation to enroll more regions into G2G funding mechanisms. Empowering other key ministries to benefit from better coordination and engagement with U.S. government resources means more Senegalese people will have access to quality education, health, and WASH services. G2G Ops builds on the success of the Abt-led Senegal Government Technical Assistance Program (GoTAP) project, which raised the capacity of Senegal’s public health sector, leading to improvements in access to and quality of health services.

The Results

By improving processes and systems within key Senegalese ministries, G2G Ops will help national and regional governments improve their delivery of essential services. These include:

  • increasing effective coverage of seasonal malaria chemoprevention activities, especially for children and pregnant women
  • ensuring proper management and funding of critical health products to boost their availability throughout the country’s public health system
  • setting milestones for well-performing rural maternity hospitals to deliver safe and reliable reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health services
  • managing financial processes for education programs and supporting a USAID-funded reading reinforcement initiative
  • establishing relationships with local WASH organizations so that activities are locally led and informed.