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Satisfaction with Air Force Way of Life Pre- and Post-9/11

Christopher Spera; Holly C. Matto; Wendy Travis


September 21, 2014
This study examined whether satisfaction with the Air Force (AF) as way of life increased post-9/11 and whether it has sustained. Using data from 179,309 personnel collected across a period of eight years (2000–2008) in four waves of cross-sectional data collection, we found that satisfaction with the AF as a way of life increased dramatically following 9/11 and since then has declined from the height, but has not returned to pre-9/11 levels. After controlling for time as well as demographics, the best predictors of satisfaction were (1) feeling that the AF is a good environment for bringing up children, (2) a strong a sense of community, and (3) perceived strong unit leader support for members and their families
North America