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Addressing Intimate Partner Violence and Child Maltreatment: Challenges and Opportunities

Jeanne L. Alhusen, Grace W. K., Kamala F. Smith, Jacquelyn C. Campbell


July 21, 2014

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a public health issue existing in most countries, occurring across all demographic, ethnic, cultural and socio-economic lines. Women of child-bearing age are at the highest risk of IPV, and the prevalence of IPV is disproportionately high in families with children younger than five years of age. Research has documented a pervasive link between intimate partner violence and child maltreatment (CM). This chapter provides a foundation for understanding the relationship between IPV and CM. An overview of related epidemiology is presented with a discussion of the comorbidity of IPV and CM. Focus is given to the cultural considerations in researching and addressing the occurrence and co-occurrence of IPV and CM. The chapter concludes with recommendations for future research as well as policy implications.