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As we pursue a vision of an integrated system that promotes child and family well-being, it’s essential that we implement cross-sectoral initiatives focused on social determinants of health. Drawing on the experience of families, leading practitioners, and researchers, this webinar explores how housing and economic mobility programs can coordinate to help families thrive.

This is the first webinar in the series, Moving Upstream: Transforming Systems to Advance Well-Being. The webinars will discuss the structural barriers to—and opportunities for— shifting to a coordinated system of well-being. Panelists cover the structural barriers and opportunities for shifting to a coordinated system of well-being, guided by the determinants of health, including: 

  • Policies that link housing, health, access and opportunity.
  • Strategies that promote economic mobility and security.
  • Upstream programs that strengthen and support families to prevent or reduce the need for deeper interventions.
  • Boundaries spanning approaches that target key intersections across the SDOH that accelerate change.


  • Alisa Santucci, Principal Associate, Social & Economic Policy, Abt Global


  • Frank Alexander, Managing Director, Judicial and National Engagements within Systems Improvement, Casey Family Services
  • Ismael Guerrero, President & CEO, Mercy Housing, Inc.
  • Jeffrey Lubell, Principal Associate & Director of Housing and Community Initiatives, Social & Economic Policy, Abt Global
  • Taneeka Richardson, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Fellow, Maryland Center on Economic Policy
  • Sherry Riva, Founder and CEO, Compass Working Capital

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